Generac Generator 7042

We have lost power so many times in the past 10 years I have lost count.

Ice storms, a tornado, hurricanes and one particular nasty snow/ice storm in October a few years back.  We were without power for 10 days!!!!  Luckily we have a wood stove however it didn't heat the whole house.  Our poor rescue dogs were not happy. My rescues Dark and cold 

If dark and cold isn't bad enough, we lost all of our frozen and refrigerated food several times over the years.  Thousands of dollars in food thrown away. 

We finally decided to get a generator.  We wanted one that powered the entire house which is just shy of 4,000 sf.  My husband did a lot of research and we decided on the Generac 7042.  We signed the contract back in early August of 2018.  It took quite a few weeks for the generator to come in.  It was around 2 months.  Once it did, our contractor contacted us to set up the installation.   Keep in mind, you'll have to set aside a few days to let the contractors do their work. …
Ladies Fireplace Gloves

I am constantly burning my hands on the fireplace insert so I purchased these.

Thick but not bulky fire resistant ladies gloves.  Snug fit in the finger area which enables for a good grip on the wood I put into the fire. 

Heavy Duty heat resistant with flame retardant.  Great for BBQ, welding or putting wood into the fireplace. 

The gloves are long for added protection.  They almost go up to my elbows. 

Deals & Steals with Mary Kay.

I have been a Mary Kay beauty consultant for 3 years now.  I do it part time and I enjoy it.  I also have a full time job working 40+ hours a week plus we have 5 dogs.  4 of them which are rescues and 1 we purchased from a breeder.

Meet Marcus (Our first)  Marcus the Morkie

The profits I earn through Mary Kay go towards the care of my dogs.

I am running a special through the month of October were if you buy (1) Mary Kay product you get another for 1/2 price.  Equal or lesser value.  Please email me for details.

Here is my site.

Mary Kay top sellers

I will apply your discount prior to billing and email you an invoice.  I have alot of items in stock so shipping will be super fast shipping.

Thank you!

Amazon Fire Stick:

I purchased my first fire stick a year ago.  The remote control isn't working now and I tried everything.  I watched all the You tube videos with no success.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I am just going to buy a new one.  Hopefully it lasts more than 1 year.

Amazon Fire Stick Purchase Here

Rescue dogs

Doggie Waste Bags Roll of 1,000

Dog waste bags for their "business"

I purchased these for my 5 dogs last year.  They come 1,000 bags on a large roll.  They are super easy to rip off and pop right out of the box with ease.  Easy tear off.   Good size for small to large dogs.

Time for a refill and I'm also getting some for my daughter who just got a puppy.

This is my dog

How my puppy picked ME

Nice Buns


The menu is filled with many choices from salads, soups, great apps and main courses.

I was thinking of ordering the Rachael which is a turkey, fennel w/slaw & thousand islands dressing or the classic cheeseburger.

My cravings got the best of me and I went for the classic cheeseburger.  I ordered it medium well and it came out as ordered.  The bun was so amazingly soft and delicious.  I had a choice of different sides but I chose french fries as I have been so good all week, I wanted to "treat" myself to some fries.  The fries were fresh, crisp and delicious.  Oh so good!

I ate half of my meal and took the rest home  The burger was huge.

Once again I have to compliment them on their burger buns.  They are the best!!!!

Friendly servers and a really nice place.

If your in the area, stop in.