I have been planting milkweed around my home for 2 years now along with raising monarch caterpillars inside my home.  I release them into the world after 24 hours of coming out of their chrysalis.

This year is the first year I have found monarch eggs on the milkweed plants outside my home.  I am so happy all my hard work is paying off finally.  I have planted so many flowers and milkweed around my home.  It keeps the monarch coming back for more nourishment and they also lay their eggs on the milkweed.

Twice a day I venture outside to check the milkweed plants for eggs or for hatched caterpillars.  Once I find the eggs or small caterpillars, I take them inside and put them in an old ice cube tray lined with a wet paper towel.  The paper towel helps to contain the moisture of the leaf until the egg hatches.  It generally takes 4 days for them to hatch.
The reason I have been taking them inside is because there are so many aphids and ants on the milkweed plants that can harm the eggs a…

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Monarch Butterfly Mating

Nature & Monarch Butterflies

This is the 2nd year I have been raising monarch caterpillars from babies/eggs to adulthood.  

Last year I didn't keep exact count but I would say I released at least 100.

This year so far I have had 64 come out of their chrysalis.  Out of the 64, 60 were healthy and released.  4 came out with folded wings or fell off their chrysalis before their wings were fully dry.  When that happens the wings become "crinkled" and they can't fly.  I have a special house for them (indoors) where they live out their lives on beautiful flowery plants and a nice tray of fresh honey water.  I had to hand feed a few of them until they got the hang of it.  You may notice on the right hand side of this photo a toothpick.  That is used to help the monarch unroll it's probiscis and help it to find the liquid.  You carefully place the end of the toothpick into the curled part of the probiscis and slowly guide it to the liquid.  

I have learned so much from t…

Help me save the Monarchs

I have released 48 healthy Monarch butterflies so far as of today! 7-5-18.

How to maintain your ketoginic diet on a budget

ketogenic life style on a budget

What exactly is the Ketogenic_diet

All you need to know about the Ketogenic diet on a budget from a great website called

From what I am reading about it, I am not a fan of it. 

It's a high fat, low carb, lots of protein type of diet. 

I love the idea of alot of veggies but not a fan of the meat portion of the plan.

The Precocious Killdeer


I recently had the enjoyment of watching this small bird at my place of employment.  Everyone was so intrigued by the fact this bird was guarding it's eggs on the ground under a very small tree.  I of course googled it and found what kind of bird it was.

I was thinking what kind of bird lays it's eggs on the ground where they are so easily in danger?  I took a picture and zoomed in on the eggs.  They are speckled and they look like rocks.  A big thank you to mother nature.  I slowly approached it and as I got closer and closer the mother bird chirped loudly.   She puffed up her wings as big as she possibly could.  I backed off out of respect.

The killdeer has an interesting instinct.  As you approach the nest, the father will run in front of you and "pretend" he has a broken wing.  As you approach it to pick it up to help it, it will lead you further and further away from the nest    When the killdeer feels the young…

Caring for Monarch Caterpillars and Butterflies

Butterfly Keeper

Butterfly Habitat

What is OE?

I am learning so much from this website video.  How to raise monarchs  There are a ton of videos on this site that will educate you on finding the eggs to the birth of the butterfly!

I recently had one butterfly with a bent wing.  This site helps people like me to understand why and how to help it.

George, the male butterfly below certainly loved the 6 to 1 mixture of organic honey and purified water mix.  I put it in a clean cap that came from a seltzer water bottle.

I have a butterfly house that my awesome dad made me that is over 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  This guy will remain in here until I can get in touch with someone who can help either rehab it or let me know how to fix it.  I have seen some videos on the web that use glue and light weight cardboard to help however I am skeptical of that method.  I'll wait for an expert to get back to my email about this before I do anything.

Butterfly House

Prevent OE Parasite