Doggie Waste Bags Roll of 1,000

Dog waste bags for their "business"

I purchased these for my 5 dogs last year.  They come 1,000 bags on a large roll.  They are super easy to rip off and pop right out of the box with ease.  Easy tear off.   Good size for small to large dogs.

Time for a refill and I'm also getting some for my daughter who just got a puppy.

This is my dog

How my puppy picked ME

Nice Buns


The menu is filled with many choices from salads, soups, great apps and main courses.

I was thinking of ordering the Rachael which is a turkey, fennel w/slaw & thousand islands dressing or the classic cheeseburger.

My cravings got the best of me and I went for the classic cheeseburger.  I ordered it medium well and it came out as ordered.  The bun was so amazingly soft and delicious.  I had a choice of different sides but I chose french fries as I have been so good all week, I wanted to "treat" myself to some fries.  The fries were fresh, crisp and delicious.  Oh so good!

I ate half of my meal and took the rest home  The burger was huge.

Once again I have to compliment them on their burger buns.  They are the best!!!!

Friendly servers and a really nice place.

If your in the area, stop in.

Staph Infection MRSA?

Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)  The name even sounds frightening.

It is an infection caused by Staphylococcus bacteria.  It's resistant to many antibiotics.  The bacteria lives in your nose naturally and on your skin.  It usually  does not cause any harm.  The issue starts with a break in your skin.  Then all hell breaks lose.  The bacteria multiply at a high rate of speed.  That is where the infection starts. 

MRSA is contagious and can be passed from person to person and it can also be transmitted by surface contact where the bacteria is.  It can kill you if not treated properly.  The nose is very close to the brain, therefore one needs to take serious action on this condition.   Oral antibiotics and sometimes even IV antibiotics are necessary.  

The infection is painful.  The affected area turns red, spreads quickly and hurts to even tough it.  It's also warm to the touch.  It can be accompanied by fever, headache, muscle aches,  chills, fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest p…
Back to school sneakers
I physically went to 3 stores recently in an attempt to purchase sneakers for my great nephews as their back to school gift from me.  Out of the 3 stores, 2 had absolutely NO kids sneakers at all and the one that did have sneakers didn't have the correct sizes I needed.  I felt like I wasted so much time and energy searching.  That is why I decided to shop on Amazon again.  Some of the people I know make snide comments like "Oh people like you are going to put department stores out of business."  My response to that is if the department store had what I was looking for then I wouldn't have to shop on line. 

Sketchers Shoes Back To School

I have been planting milkweed around my home for 2 years now along with raising monarch caterpillars inside my home.  I release them into the world after 24 hours of coming out of their chrysalis.

This year is the first year I have found monarch eggs on the milkweed plants outside my home.  I am so happy all my hard work is paying off finally.  I have planted so many flowers and milkweed around my home.  It keeps the monarch coming back for more nourishment and they also lay their eggs on the milkweed.

Twice a day I venture outside to check the milkweed plants for eggs or for hatched caterpillars.  Once I find the eggs or small caterpillars, I take them inside and put them in an old ice cube tray lined with a wet paper towel.  The paper towel helps to contain the moisture of the leaf until the egg hatches.  It generally takes 4 days for them to hatch.
The reason I have been taking them inside is because there are so many aphids and ants on the milkweed plants that can harm the eggs a…

I ordered this through Amazon and love it.  It's a 2 pack for under $8.00 with free shipping.  It's cool, soft, comfortable and adjusts to any size head.  3D contoured shape.   It totally blocks out all the light.  I have been sleeping so much better with this.